Paving the Way For Social, Health and Gender Equity


Creating Healthy Communities. Together.

The conditions in which we live, learn, work and play profoundly impact our health. Healthy communities are places where individuals and families enjoy a high quality of life and productivity.  Creating and improving physical and social environments and improving community resources for primary prevention allows people to develop their maximum potential. Investing in people-centered solutions saves money in the short and long terms, and builds safe, resilient and sustainable communities.

Sage Transformations provides customized solutions by connecting organizations better with the communities they serve, enabling them to adapt to changing realities and make tangible, positive, lasting social impact by co-creating vital and mutually supportive communities.

Our expertise is in the areas of health, wellness and social justice. We partner with organizations to enhance their capability towards better organizational health, community connectedness, poverty alleviation, gender and health equity, and improved maternal and child health.

Utilizing innate community wisdom, strategic and sustainable perspectives, and effective partnerships, organizations can design high-impact solutions to complex social challenges and enhance community resiliency by creating momentum around a shared vision of equity and health.


Thriving communities protect and promote social equity, good health and well-being for their diverse population.


Forging transformative collaborations between government, non-profits, businesses of all sizes and community groups to design and strengthen systems to improve community health and well-being.


Be A Change Leader: Transform Your Community!